The adventure in “Not Knowing”

Much of my time, lately, has been spent worrying and stressing over how I’m going to be spending my days in the Fall. Ever since I decided to leave my job of 5 years a while back, I haven’t felt comfortable anywhere I go. I start a job and then want to start all over and reinvent myself somewhere else……… I will continue this post at another time…. So unfamiliar with WordPress I don’t even know how to save a draft. ūüėĀ


It’s days like this that I just crawl into bed feeling… Meh. I don’t even know what word I would use to describe this feeling. Maybe melancholy. You know.. Those days where it’s dreary and gray yet no raindrops fall from the sky. Cars drive unusually slow. Bad music on the radio (I guess that’s an everyday thing though). Nothing’s really going on and there’s nothing left to do but sleep or lay here and write. 

Sometimes you look back at your life and you wonder how you even got to this very moment. I’m almost 24 years old and I feel like I just turned 18 yesterday. I can’t believe I’m this young and I already understand the elderly when they say “I remember it like it was yesterday!” or “Time flies!” or the countless other things old people say that you never understand until you start growing up and start realizing that you are in fact an adult and life does go by way too fast. 

I don’t necessarily know where I was going with this entry. Days like this kinda suck… But make for good naps. Zzz. 

First Snippet

My goal for the month of January was to start a blog. I will admit, I don’t know much about blogging or how blog sites like wordpress¬†work, however, I will learn more as the month and year goes on. I have been wanting to start a blog for years, even if writing was only for myself. I hope to become a better writer and have a more organized blog the more I post.

A little about me… I am currently¬†a 23 year old college student¬†majoring in Special Education. I’m engaged to my wonderful fianc√©, Nathan and we have¬†two dogs, Charlie and Franklin.¬†I will write more about me and my life on¬†different day.¬†I believe I am¬†coming down with a cold, so this girl is off to bed.


This is a photo of Charlie and his wonderful head of hair. Charlie is a Dachshund Schnauzer mix, also known as, a “Schnoxie.”

Later days! (Kudos if you get that reference!)

Emily Grace